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International  half marathon “Ice Run” is  maritime winter and running over the Sea of Japancovered with ice, special equipment and  reward for everyone who challenged oneself!


Average temperature in February in Vladivostok ranges from -5 to -15 degrees Celsius, the wind speed reaches 10 meters per second, mostly north.


In order to stand this proof special outfitwill be required: cold-protective clothing and a hat, a pair of running shoes with metal spikes, a buff or a scarf, gloves and glasses.

Bravehearts who challenged the "Ice Run" in half-marathon, "ten" and "five" will be rewarded 300 000 rubles. The winners will get cups. All participants will get medals! For children there’s a special 500 meters kids race.

Event schedule

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25 февраля 2017
07:30 - 11:30 Transfer to tha start. Buses will run beetwen public transport stop "FEFU Campus" to the start.
08:30 Starter kids distribution To receive «starter kit an identity document is needed, is well as medicat certificate for 21.1 km distance). Others don't have to provide medical certificate.
09:30 Openning Ceremony
09:45 Warm-up lor ihe participants of 21.1 km race
10:00 Start 21.1 race
10:05 Warm-up lor ihe participants of 0.5 km race
10:15 Start 0.5 km kids race.
11:00 - 12:00 Entertainment program lor children.
11:05 Warm-up lor ihe participants of 10 km and 5 km race
11:20 Start of 10 km and 5 km races in individual and team standings.
12:00 Awarding ceremony for 0.5 km kids race.
12:00 - 15:00 Entertainment program for participants and quests.
11:30 - 14:00 Finish ol parlicipanls ol all races.
15:00 - 15:30 Awarding ceremony**.
16:00 Closing ceremony, bonfire and dance wilh a bear.

*The schedule can change in connection wiih the weather conditions.
**The lime can vary depending on the participant arrival

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